Working Papers

How a Land Boom Destroys Capital Oct 2005 [capital theory]

How an Interest Hike Destroys Capital 1996 [capital theory]

Causes of Downturns: an Austro-Georgist Synthesis, 1982, [macroeconomics, capital theory]

Benefits of Military Spending, An Inquiry into the Doctrine that Defense is a Public Good, 1972 [economics and political theory]

How Religious Awakenings Presage Radical Reforms , August 2010, [US history]

Logos Abused: Decadence and Tyranny of Abstract Reasoning in Economics, January 1990 [Greek rhetoric, econonomic fallacies]

Capital Gains and the Future of Free Enterprise, 1991 [tax policy]

Philippines: Land Reform Through Tax Reform, 1987

The U.S. Canal Boom and Bust, 1820-1842 [US economic history, macroeconomics]

Newark and the Office Building Model of Urban Renewal NEW 2019-05-18

George's Economics of Abundance NEW 2019-05-01

George and the Danger of Favoring Capital over Labor NEW 2019-05-01

Economic Development as a Response to Stress NEW 2019-05-01

Macroeconomics as a field of study NEW 2019-05-12

Labor Productivity and Farm Intensity NEW 2019-05-12

Making Jobs by Changing Factor Proportions NEW 2019-05-01

Capital-intensity of warfare NEW 2019-05-01

George and Mill on Labor-Saving vs. Land-Saving Technology NEW 2019-05-12

How Rising Rents Devour Capital[land economics, capital theory]

Chicago Boom and Bust: A Cycle of Capital Waste NEW 2019-05-01

Factitious Locational Obsolescence in Land Booms[land economics, capital theory]

How Land Markets Lead to Misallocating Capital[land economics, capital theory]

Tax Policy and Capital Formation NEW 2019-05-01

Farm Labor Productivity Tradeoff with Water Use NEW 2019-05-18

Critique of Thorstein Veblen Victorian Firebrand by Jorgensens NEW 2019-05-28

Peace Dividends, Land Bubbles and Economic Disasters in U.S. History NEW 2019-05-04

Peace Dividends and Land Booms in World History NEW 2019-05-04

Water as a Yield-cutting Substitute NEW 2019-05-01

Who Owns Southern California? NEW 2019-05-18

Alaska's proposed tax on oil reserves in situ 1981 NEW 2019-05-12

"Oil and Gas Leasing--A Study in Pseudo-Socialism" Paper for the Western Tax Association 1983, rev 1993; Groundswell May-June 2009

Rent, Taxation, Dissipation and Federalism NEW 2019-05-28

Full employment through total tax reform NEW 2019-05-12

Economics in Support of Environmentalism NEW 2019-05-12

Economics in Support of Environmentalism (html version) NEW 2019-05-01

Conservation in a World of Private Property Extremists NEW 2019-05-28

Observed Behavior vs A Priori Dogmatism in Land Markets NEW 2019-05-28

Token Timber Taxation in Mendocino County 2000 [property taxes, yield taxes]

A better way of gauging excess burden of shiftable taxes, 2005, [public finance]

Raising Output by Removing Tax Bias NEW 2019-05-28

Unearned Income as a Barrier to Free Enterprise NEW 2019-05-28

Proposition 13 and the Decline of California NEW 2019-05-18

When California had a Magnetic Tax System NEW 2019-05-18

Property Tax Reform in Big Picture NEW 2019-05-28

California's Balkanized Tax Base NEW 2019-05-12

South African Diary, March 17-30, 1992 NEW 2019-05-28

Enterprising Johannesburg and Sleepy Cape Town-A Contrast NEW 2019-05-18

Critique of South African Katz Commision (sic) Reports NEW 2019-05-28

Privatization without Giveaway-Capitalism without Kleptocracy NEW 2019-05-28

Taxable Surplus in Russian Land NEW 2019-05-28

Russian Land Rent in a Tax-free Economy NEW 2019-05-28

Sales tax suicides through history NEW 2019-05-04

California Sales Tax Revenues by City and Type of Sales NEW 2019-05-12

Sales Tax Revenues vs Taxable Property Values, California Counties, 1993-1994 NEW 2019-05-04

Salestax Leakages-Why Yield Less than Income Tax NEW 2019-05-04

Replacing California Sales Tax with Property Tax, Regional Impacts NEW 2019-05-04

Cleveland's Explosive Growth under Mayors Tom Johnson and Newton Baker NEW 2019-05-01

Chicago's growth spurt 1890-1900 NEW 2019-05-12

Temporal Excess Burden of Taxes on Buildings NEW 2019-05-01

The Physiocratic Concept of ATCOR NEW 2019-05-01

Unknown Revenue Potential of Land: 15 Hidden Elements NEW 2019-05-01

The Value of Land Seminar 2002 NEW 2019-05-18

Housing and Income Seminar NEW 2019-05-01

OECD versus Harmful Tax Competition NEW 2019-05-01

Land Booms, Capital Stretchout and Banking Collapse NEW 2019-05-01

Why Should We Care About Land Value and Why Now NEW 2019-05-28

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