Working Papers

How a Land Boom Destroys Capital Oct 2005 [capital theory]

How an Interest Hike Destroys Capital 1996 [capital theory]

Causes of Downturns: an Austro-Georgist Synthesis, 1982, [macroeconomics, capital theory]

Benefits of Military Spending, An Inquiry into the Doctrine that Defense is a Public Good, 1972 [economics and political theory]

How Religious Awakenings Presage Radical Reforms , August 2010, [US history]

Logos Abused: Decadence and Tyranny of Abstract Reasoning in Economics, January 1990 [Greek rhetoric, econonomic fallacies]

Capital Gains and the Future of Free Enterprise, 1991 [tax policy]

Philippines: Land Reform Through Tax Reform, 1987

The U.S. Canal Boom and Bust, 1820-1842 [US economic history, macroeconomics]

Newark and the Office Building Model of Urban Renewal

George's Economics of Abundance

George and the Danger of Favoring Capital over Labor

Economic Development as a Response to Stress

Macroeconomics as a field of study

Labor Productivity and Farm Intensity

Making Jobs by Changing Factor Proportions

Capital-intensity of warfare

George and Mill on Labor-Saving vs. Land-Saving Technology

How Rising Rents Devour Capital[land economics, capital theory]

Chicago Boom and Bust: A Cycle of Capital Waste

Factitious Locational Obsolescence in Land Booms[land economics, capital theory]

How Land Markets Lead to Misallocating Capital[land economics, capital theory]

Tax Policy and Capital Formation

Farm Labor Productivity Tradeoff with Water Use

Critique of Thorstein Veblen Victorian Firebrand by Jorgensens

Peace Dividends, Land Bubbles and Economic Disasters in U.S. History

Peace Dividends and Land Booms in World History

Water as a Yield-cutting Substitute

Who Owns Southern California?

Alaska's proposed tax on oil reserves in situ 1981

"Oil and Gas Leasing--A Study in Pseudo-Socialism" Paper for the Western Tax Association 1983, rev 1993; Groundswell May-June 2009

Rent, Taxation, Dissipation and Federalism

Full employment through total tax reform

Economics in Support of Environmentalism

Economics in Support of Environmentalism (html version)

Conservation in a World of Private Property Extremists

Observed Behavior vs A Priori Dogmatism in Land Markets

Token Timber Taxation in Mendocino County 2000 [property taxes, yield taxes]

A better way of gauging excess burden of shiftable taxes, 2005, [public finance]

Raising Output by Removing Tax Bias

Unearned Income as a Barrier to Free Enterprise

Proposition 13 and the Decline of California

When California had a Magnetic Tax System

Property Tax Reform in Big Picture

California's Balkanized Tax Base

South African Diary, March 17-30, 1992

Enterprising Johannesburg and Sleepy Cape Town-A Contrast

Critique of South African Katz Commision (sic) Reports

Privatization without Giveaway-Capitalism without Kleptocracy

Taxable Surplus in Russian Land

Russian Land Rent in a Tax-free Economy

Sales tax suicides through history

California Sales Tax Revenues by City and Type of Sales

Sales Tax Revenues vs Taxable Property Values, California Counties, 1993-1994

Salestax Leakages-Why Yield Less than Income Tax

Replacing California Sales Tax with Property Tax, Regional Impacts

Cleveland's Explosive Growth under Mayors Tom Johnson and Newton Baker

Chicago's growth spurt 1890-1900

Temporal Excess Burden of Taxes on Buildings

The Physiocratic Concept of ATCOR

Unknown Revenue Potential of Land: 15 Hidden Elements

The Value of Land Seminar 2002

Housing and Income Seminar

OECD versus Harmful Tax Competition

Land Booms, Capital Stretchout and Banking Collapse

Why Should We Care About Land Value and Why Now

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Revised: 05/28/2019