Classroom Materials

Progress and Poverty Study Guide, 2000

The Great Economists Study Guide

Money, Credit and Crisis, 1991

Harmful Fallacies in Economic Discourse

Payback Time: Knowing It and Controlling It

Baumol's Model for Managing Inventories, 1992

Euler's Theorem

Margins, Quantum Leaps, and Ecotones

Intensity as a Quotient

Economies, Diseconomies and False Economies of Scale

Substitution, a Three-Factor Triangle

Theories of Property-What Do We Own?

Labor Intensity by Size of Firm

Money, Credit and Crisis (pdf)

How Capital Makes Jobs by Turning Over Faster

The Flow of Capital

Sources of Investable Funds

Capital Intensity of Housing

Scarcity of money as a macro choke

Velocity of money as a macro choke

Sources of Investable Funds

Positive Feedback in Macroeconomics

Epsilon and Ecotones

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Revised: 05/18/2019