Articles and Book Chapters

A. Forest Economics

  • A-1. Concepts of Financial Maturity of Timber and Other Assets. Agricultural Information Series #62, N.C. State College, Raleigh, 1957. 113 pages. 2nd Impression 1960. Reformatted but unrepaginated new copy 2006. (Not copyrighted, widely copied.)
  • A-3. "Alternative Ways of Taxing Forests" (1980, UCR Working Papers #43) In Will Knedlick (ed.), State Taxation of Forest and Land Resources. Cambridge: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 1980, pp. 5-16.
  • A-5. "Greater Social Benefits from our National Forests." Address to Western Timber Association, March 4, 1977. Reproduced by the Western Timber Association, 1977, pp. 1-20.

    B. Extractive Resources, and Leasing Policy

  • B-1. (ed.)Extractive Resources and Taxation Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1967. Volume One, Publications of TRED, The Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development. Out of print; available micro. Includes 79 pages of "Editorial Findings" (item B, 2, hic), plus Introduction to the volume.
  • B-3. Oil and Gas Leasing Policy: Alternatives for Alaska in 1977 Part I. A Report to The State of Alaska, Jay S. Hammond, Governor; Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Guy Martin, Commissioner; and Alaska State Legislature, Interim Committee on Oil and Gas Taxation and Leasing Policy. Juneau: The Committee, 1977. Pp. i-v, 1-115, plus Technical Appendices A-L, 8 of them by myself. Others by Michael Crommelin, Richard Norgaard, and Robert Rooney.
  • B-4. "Objectives of Government Policy in Leasing Mineral Lands." In Andrew Thompson and Michael Crommelin (eds.), Mineral Leasing as an Instrument of Public Policy. Vancouver: Univ. of British Columbia Press, 1977. Pp. 3-26.
  • B-5. "Soil Depletion and Land Rent." NRJ 4(3):537-57 (January 1965).
  • B-13. "Oil and Gas: the Unfinished Tax Reform." Paper delivered at 20th Annual Conference of TRED, The Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development, Cambridge, 1982. Pp. 1-54.

    C. Land Economics, General

  • C-2. "Land and Rent in Welfare Economics." In Marion Clawson, Marshall Harriss and Joseph Ackerman (eds.) Land Economics Research. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1962. Pp. 141-67.
  • C-4. "The Unwieldy Time-dimension of Space." AJES 20(5):465-81. October 1961.
  • C-6. "Counter-colonial Land Policy for Montana." Western Wildlands 3(3): Winter 1977. Pp. 16-25.
  • C-9. "Land as a Distinctive Factor of Production," 1994. In Nicolaus Tideman (ed.), Land and Taxation. London: Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd., pp. 39-102 (constituting about 1/3 of the book).
  • C-15. "Land Speculation as an Obstacle to Ideal Allocation of Land," 1956. Ph.D. dissertation, U.C. Berkeley, pp. 1-514.

    D. Land Economics, Agricultural

  • D-1. "Rising Inequality and Falling Property Tax Rates," 1992. In Gene Wunderlich (ed.), Land Ownership and Taxation in American Agriculture. Boulder: Westview Press, pp. 119-37. Offprints distributed by The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.
  • D-3. Unabridged. "The Benefits of Farm Programs: Incidence, Shifting and Dissipation." AJES 26:237-50, July 1967; and 417-24, Oct. 1967.

    E. Land Economics, Urban

  • E-1. "Urban Expansion -- Will it Ever Stop?" Land, The 1958 Yearbook of Agriculture. (Washington: U.S.G.P.O., 1958), pp. 503-22. Republished in R.G. Putnam, F.J. Taylor and P.G. Kettle (eds.) A Geography of Urban Places. Toronto etc., Methuen, 1970, pp. 291-312.
  • E-3. "Containment Policies for Urban Sprawl." In Richard Stauber (ed.) Approaches to the Study of Urbanization. Governmental Research Center, The University of Kansas, 1964, pp. 115-33.
  • E-4. "Tax Reform to Release Land." In Marion Clawson (ed.), Modernizing Urban Land Policy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1973, pp. 115-52. Republished in Compact Cities: a Neglected Way of Conserving Energy, (Congressman Henry Reuss), Joint Hearings, Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs; and Committee on Interstate and Foreign commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, 96th Congress 1st Sess., Washington: USGPO, 1980, pp. 246-82. Republished in Kenneth Wenzer (ed.), 1999, Land-Value Taxation, Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, pp.58-99.
  • E-5. "When to Build What." In Paul Downing (ed.), Local Service Pricing Policies and their Effect on Urban Spatial Structure. Vancouver: UBC Press, 1977, pp. 173-213.
  • E-7. "Property Taxation and the Frequency of Urban Renewal." Proceedings, NTA, 57th Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, 1965, pp. 272-85. 1967-71 I spoke on this text, and on containment policy, to civic groups in about 10 cities, sponsored by The Brookings Institution.
  • E-9. "A Tax Tool for Meeting Urban Fiscal Crisis." AJES 29(3):253-58 (July 1968).
  • E-10. "Land Planning and the Property Tax" AIP Journal, May 1969, 178-183.
  • E-11. Land Rent, Taxation and Public Policy #I: "Sources, Nature and Function of Urban Land Rent." AJES 31(3):241-58 (July 1972).
  • E-12. Land Rent, Taxation and Public Policy #II: "Taxation and the Functions of Urban Land Rent." AJES 32(1): 17-34 (January 1973).
  • E-13. "Changes in Land Policy: How Fundamental are They?" Real Estate Issues, J. of the Am. Society of Real Estate Counselors, I(1):72-85 (Fall, 1976).
  • E-14. "The Synergistic City: its Potentials, Hindrances and Fulfillment." Real Estate Issues, J. of the American Society of Real Estate Counselors, Winter, 1978, pp. 36-61.
  • E-15. Review of James Heilbrun, Real Estate Taxes and Urban Housing, 1968. University of Chicago J. of Business, April, pp. 276-77.
  • E-22. "Policies and Practices Affecting Urban Land Costs as an Element of Housing Costs." Arlington, Va: The Institute for Defense Analyses, A Report to U.S. Department of HUD, 1968, pp. 1-59 + v.
  • E-37. "How to revive a dying city." in Cobb, Clifford, and Joseph Giacalone (eds.), 2001, The Path to Justice. Malden, MA and Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, pp 57-84. (Originally "The Role of Ground Rent in Urban Decay and Revival." Distinguished Papers No 89-F-1, November 1989, Business Research Institute, St. John's University).
  • E-??. "New Life in Old Cities", Georgist Policies and Population Growth in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Other Cities, 1890-1930," Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2006.

    F. Environmental Economics

  • F-2. "Welfare Economics and the Environment." In Henry Jarrett (ed.), Environmental Quality in a Growing Economy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1966, Chapter 4.
  • F-7. "Non-point Pollution: Tractable Solutions to Intractable Problems." In Vladimir Novotny (ed.), Social and Economic Approaches to the Control of Non-point Pollution. Milwaukee: Marquette Univ. Press, 1987.
  • F-8. "Non-point Pollution." J. of Business Administration 18(1 & 2), 1988/89 (Special Issue: Future Directions for Economics), pp. 133-54.

    G. Public Finance

  • G-1. "Adequacy of Land as a Tax Base." In Daniel Holland (ed.), The Assessment of Land Value. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1970, pp. 157-212.
  • G-2a. "Coordinating Tax Incentives and Public Policy: Treatment of Land Income." Presentation to Brookings Institution, 1969. To be published in Charles Schultze, Ed, The Role of Incentives in Public Policy.
  • G-2b. Testimony at Hearings of President's Commission on Urban Problems , Pittsburgh, PA, 1967, Sen. Paul Douglas presiding.
  • G-4. "An Agenda for Strengthening the Property Tax." In George Peterson (ed.), Property Tax Reform. Washington: The Urban Institute, 1973, pp. 65-84. Originated as "The Property Tax and Intergovernmental Relations," 1972, a paper presented to The President's Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, meeting of September 14, pp. 1-33.
  • G-13. "The Partiality of Indexing Capital Gains." Presented to National Tax Association, 1990 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, October. Edited and emended, December 31, 1990. Published in Proceedings of the 83rd Annual Conference on Taxation of the NTA-TIA, Columbus, Ohio, 1991, pp. 49-53.
  • G-17. "The Property Tax is a Progressive Tax." Proceedings, NTA, 64th Annual Conference, Kansas City, 1971, pp. 408-26. Republished in The Congressional Record, March 16, 1972, pp. E 2675-79 (Congr. Les Aspin.) Republished in Local Taxation (abridged), January 1972. Republished by Resources for the Future Inc., The Property Tax is a Progressive Tax, Reprint No. 104, October 1972.
  • G-18. "What is Property Tax Reform?" AJES 31(2):139-52, April 1972. (Originally a paper presented at Conference on Property Tax Reform, December 12, 1970, sponsored by Public Interest Research Group, George Washington University, with Ralph Nader, Sen. Edmund Muskie, Gov. Milton Shapp, Mason Gaffney, Ferdinand Schoettle, Pierpont I. Prentice, and John Rackham. Gaffney paper published by Cong. Les Aspin in The Congressional Record, March 16 1972, pp. E 2672-75.)
  • G-19. "The Many Faces of Site-Value Taxation." Report of Proceedings, 27th Tax Conference, Canadian Tax Foundation, Quebec City, 1976, pp. 749-63.
  • G-20. "Intergovernmental Competition for Energy Revenues." NTA Proceedings, 70th Annual Conference, Louisville, 1978. Discussant.
  • G-21. "Indexing Capital Gains," 1990. Am. J. of Econs. and Sociology 49(4):399-400, October.
  • G-28. "Proposition 13: an Alternative Reform." The Center Magazine, Sta. Barbara, Nov./Dec. 1978, pp. 19-28.
  • G-29. "The Taxable Capacity of Land," 1993. In Patricia Salkin (ed.), Land Value Taxation, Papers from a Conference sponsored by The Government Law Center of Albany Law School, The Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, and the New York State Division of Equalization and Assessment. Albany: The Government Law Center, pp. 59-82. There is also a Proceedings, with court-reported discussion, that the Government Law Center of Albany Law School published separately: Land Value Taxation, pp. 60-74.
  • G-34a "Equity Premises and the Case for Socializing Rent." Earlier version of G-34. "Equity Premises and the Case for Taxing Rent," 1992. J. David Baldwin and Ronald L. Oaxaca (eds.), Papers and Proceedings of the 104th Annual Meeting, AEA, May, 1992, pp. 274-79.
  • G-39. "Land Gains, Fast Write-off, and Incentives to Build." Paper presented to 23d Annual Conference, Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development, Cambridge, Sept. 1985. Pp. 1-22.
  • G-44. 1998, "The Philosophy of Public Finance." Chapter 7 in Fred Harrison (ed.), The Losses of Nations. London: Othila Press Ltd., pp.175-205
  • G-45. 1998, "The Income-Stimulating Incentives of the Property Tax." Chapter 8 in Fred Harrison (ed.), The Losses of Nations. London: Othila Press Ltd., pp. 206-220; Including "Appendix 1: An Inventory of Rent-Yielding Resources," pp. 221-233
  • G-60. "A Cannan Hits the Mark." In Andelson, Robert (ed), Critics of Henry George, rev. ed., 2003)
  • G-2009. "The Hidden Taxable Capacity of Land: Enough and to Spare." International Journal of Social Economics, Vol 36, No. 4, 2009, pp. 328-411, Guest Editor Francis K. Peddle

    H. Water Economics and Law

  • H-3. "Diseconomies Inherent in Western Water Laws: a California Case Study." Economic Analysis and Multiple Use, Report #9 in the series Water and Range Resources and Economic Development of the West. Proceedings of Western Agricultural Economics Research Council, Range and Water Section, Tucson, January 1961, pp. 55-82. Republished, Hearings on Economic Analysis and the Efficiency of Government. U.S. Congress. Joint Economic Committee. Subcommittee on Efficiency in Government. Part 2, pp. 389-405. Used as input, California Governor's Commission on Water Rights Law Reform, Sacramento, 1979. (Cf. item H-14, infra.)
  • H-4. "Water Law and Economic Transfers of Water: a Reply." JFE 44(2):427-34, May 1962. (A debate with Dean Frank Trelease, Univ. of Wyo. School of Law, on H-3, supra.)
  • H-5. "Comparison of Market Pricing and Other Means of Allocating Water Resources." Water Law and Policy in the Southeast. Southeastern Water Law Conference, Univ. of Ga., Nov. 1961, published by Inst. of Law and Govt., Univ. of Ga., in cooperation with the Farm Foundation and the Southeastern Land Tenure Research Committee, 1962, pp. 195-229.
  • H-8. "Economic Aspects of Water Resource Policy." AJES 28(2):131-44, April 1969. Republished in Charles J. Meyers and Dan Tarlock (eds.), Water Resource Management: a Law School Case Book, Stanford Law School. Republished in part in Jesse Dukeminier and James Krier (eds.) Property. Boston: Little, Brown, 1981.
  • H-18. "The Water Giveaway: A Critique of Federal Water Policy" In Robert Haveman and Robert Hamrin (eds.), The Political Economy of Federal Policy. New York etc., Harper and Row, Publishers, 1973
  • H-19. "How a Water Market Might Work." Supplement to testimony presented to California Governor's Commission on Water Rights Law Reform, (H-14, supra), 1977, pp. 1-4.
  • H-20. "Whose Water? Ours! Clearing Fallacies About Implementing Common Rights" 1993. Whose Water? Bibliography In Polly Dyer (ed.), Whose Water? Past; Present; Future. Seattle: Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Washington, pp. 69-93 + 125-33.
  • H-21. "The Taxable Surplus in Water Resources," 1992. Contemporary Policy Issues 10(4): 74-82, October.
  • H-22. "What Price Water Marketing? California's New Frontier." Am. J. of Ecs. and Soc. 56(4):475-520 (October, 1997)

    I. Macro-economic Policy and Theory

  • I-1. "Toward Full Employment with Limited Land and Capital." In Arthur Lynn, Jr. (ed.), Property Taxation, Land Use and Public Policy. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1976, pp. 99-166.
  • I-6. "Taxes, Capital and Jobs." Invited Paper delivered to NTA, special meeting, Chicago, August 1978.
  • I-6A. "Taxes, Capital and Jobs." Revised version, published Geophilos, Spring 2003, 3(1):62-74.
  • I-11. Unabridged. "Tax-induced Slow Turnover of Capital." AJES 29(1):25-32 (Jan. 1970); 29(2):179-97 (April 1970); 29(3):277-87 (July 1970); 29(4):409-24 (Oct. 1970); 30(1):105-11 (January 1971). Unabridged -- cf. I-5, supra.
  • I-16. "Environmental Policies and Full Employment." In George Rohrlich (ed.), Environmental Management - Economic and Social Dimensions. Cambridge: Ballinger Press, 1976, pp. 81-102. Republished by Resources for the Future Inc., Full Employment and the Environment, Reprint No. 128, 1976.
  • I-2012. "Reverberations Between Immoderate Land-Price Cycles and Banking Cycles" Paper delivered at Annual Meetings, Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE), Chicago, January 8, 2012.
  • I-2015. "A Real-Assets Model of Economic Crises: Will China Crash in 2015?" AJES Vol. 74 No. 2 March 2015.

    K. History of Economic Thought

  • K-1. "Neo-classical Economics as a Stratagem Against Henry George," in Fred Harrison, The Corruption of Economics. London: Shepheard-Walwyn Publishing Co. pp. 29-164, i
  • K-9. "Stabile on George and Clark," 1995. AJES 54(3):382-84 (July)
  • K-14. "Two Centuries of Economic Thought on Taxation of Land Rents." In Richard Lindholm and Arthur Lynn, Jr., (eds.), Land Value Taxation in Thought and Practice. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1982, pp. 151-96. Excerpt republished in State of New York, Temporary State Commission on the Real Property Tax. A two-rate Real Property Tax System, Albany: State Printer, 1986, pp. 79-85. Translated into Korean; republished as Appendix to Yoon-Sang Kim, 1991, Land Policy and Land Value Taxation. Seoul, Bubmoonsa. [Yoon-Sang Kim is Professor, Department of Public Administration, Kyungpook National University, Taegu, 702-701, ROK.]
  • K-17. "Alfred Russel Wallace's Campaign to Nationalize Land: How Darwin's Peer learned from John Stuart Mill." AJES 56(4):609-16 (October, 1997).
  • K-18. "Henry George, Dr. Edward McGlynn, and Pope Leo XIII" New York: The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2000. Orig. a paper delivered before International Conference on Henry George, November 1, 1997, at Cooper Union, New York, Professor Edward O'Donnell, Chair. Prof. O'Donnell is to submit the assembled papers to a university press, but meantime The Foundation has published this piece separately.
  • K-2008."Keeping Land in Capital Theory: Ricardo, Faustmann, Wicksell, and George," AJES 67(1) January 2008. For annual meeting of History of Economics Society (H.E.S.), Grinnell College, June 25, 2006
  • K-2012."Going My Way?" Wending a Way Through the Stumbling Blocks between Georgism and Catholicism" to be published in AJES, fall 2012.

    L. General Economics.

  • L-2. "Rent-seeking and Global Conflict." Paper presented to UC Seminar on Global Conflict and Cooperation, Laguna Beach, Feb. 1988, pp. 1-6.
  • L-2018. "Corporate Power and Expansive U.S. Military Policy" DRAFT Published at AJES Vol. 77, No. 2 (March, 2018). Revised and updated by Cliff Cobb from "Benefits of Military Spending", An Inquiry into the Doctrine that Defense is a Public Good, 1972

    N. Teaching Materials Used in Lieu of Texts.

  • N-3. N-3. "Justice in Distribution: Discordant Canons, Harmonious Resolution." 1989, Rev. 1991. Pp. 1-27.

    O. Major unpublished papers, unfinished papers in progress

  • O-11. "Time, Taxes, Turnover and Intensity." A reply to comment by Henry Goldstein and Procter Thomson on my "Tax-induced Slow Turnover of Capital," published in Western Economic J. WEJ editors returned it for shortening. Meantime Anthony Chisholm replied on my behalf, using some of this material. I have incorporated it into "Taxes on Yield, Property, Income and Site," to be polished and published.
  • O-12. "Irrigation Districts and Economic Development in the San Joaquin Valley," (1968, "draft") Pp. 1-16.
  • O-18. "Land Ethics," 1987, pp. 1-8. Suggested topics for Research, The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

    Z. Misc.

  • Z-1. "Land as a share of all wealth: Los Angeles County." (1986)
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