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The Property Tax is a Progressive Tax

“The regressive property tax” has become a common block phrase among economists and in the popular press. President Nixon’s support for revenue-sharing is increasingly based on the need to protect the poor from heavy property taxes. Some prominent tax economists are favoring even sales taxes to make the tax system more progressive, by lowering the property tax.’ Even local income taxes, which are mainly payroll taxes, are being advanced to relieve property and the poor.
Proceedings, NTA, 64th Annual Conference, Kansas City, 1971, pp. 408-26. Republished in The Congressional Record, March 16, 1972, pp. E 2675-79 (Congr. Les Aspin.) Republished in Local Taxation (abridged), January 1972. Republished by Resources for the Future Inc., The Property Tax is a Progressive Tax, Reprint No. 104, October 1972.

1 comment to The Property Tax is a Progressive Tax

  • Horace Heitman

    To whom it may concern. The following taxes are regressive because they impact poor people more than
    the the well to do and the rich.
    1. Poll Tax. The worst of the lot.
    2. Flat Income Tax
    3. Sales Tax
    4. Value Added Tax. A Hidden Sales Tax.
    5. School Property Tax. A type of flat tax.

    The school taxing authority where I live gives a discount for a house the owner lives in, but not for rental properties. OK, no problem with that. However, my local school taxing authority has several districts it taxes for and the tax rates are for each district. I live in the district with the highest tax rate. I am neither poor nor rich. I resent being taxed higher because of my geographical location. Other than that, the school property tax increases but the school quality decreases. A Progressive Propert.y Tax Would be obtained by increasing the tax rate as the property values increase