Working Papers

"Oil and Gas Leasing--A Study in Pseudo-Socialism" Paper for the Western Tax Association 1983, rev 1993; Groundswell May-June 2009

A better way of gauging excess burden of shiftable taxes, 2005, [public finance]

How a Land Boom Destroys Capital Oct 2005 [capital theory]

How an Interest Hike Destroys Capital 1996 [capital theory]

Causes of Downturns: an Austro-Georgist Synthesis, 1982, [macroeconomics, capital theory]

Benefits of Military Spending, An Inquiry into the Doctrine that Defense is a Public Good, 1972 [economics and political theory]

Token Timber Taxation in Mendocino County 2000 [property taxes, yield taxes]

The U.S. Canal Boom and Bust, 1820-1842 [US economic history, macroeconomics]

How Rising Rents Devour Capital[land economics, capital theory]

Factitious Locational Obsolescence in Land Booms[land economics, capital theory]

How Land Markets Lead to Misallocating Capital[land economics, capital theory]

How Religious Awakenings Presage Radical Reforms , August 2010, [US history]

Logos Abused: Decadence and Tyranny of Abstract Reasoning in Economics, January 1990 [Greek rhetoric, econonomic fallacies]

Capital Gains and the Future of Free Enterprise, 1991 [tax policy]

Philippines: Land Reform Through Tax Reform, 1987

A South African Diary, when Mandela succeeded de Klerk
Alaska's proposed tax on oil reserves in situ
An economic look at environmental planning
AP of labor inferred from water use data
Average Product and Marginal Product of labor in different uses
Baumol model of normalization
Calculating payback time
California development as a response to challenge and stress
California sales tax revenues by city, and type of sales
California's Balkanized tax base
Capital-intensity of a house
Capital-intensity of military spending
"Carter's Cut", a false rate of return
Chicago boom and bust, 1830-40, a cycle of capital wastage
Chicago's Growth Spurt, 1890-1900
Conservation and private property
Critique of Jorgensens' thesis on Veblen
Critique of the slanted Katz Commision (sic) Reports, S. African Department of Finance
Economics in support of the environment
Elasticity of production
Epsilon and Ecotones
Euler's Theorem, an easy proof
Explosive growth of Cleveland under Mayors Tom Johnson and Newton Baker
Factitious locational obsolescence in land booms
Full employment through total tax reform
Gauging excess burden of non-land taxes, one-year model
George and capital
George and Mill on boom and bust
George's Economics of Abundance
Housing and income, seminar for Economics Department
How flawed land markets lead to misallocating capital
How rising rents devour capital
Intensity as a quotient
Investing, the flow of capital
Labor-intensity by size of firm
Land as a tax base: 15 underrated elements
Land boom, capital stretchout, and banking collapse (bank bubble conference, AIER)
Land gains, fast write-off, and incentives to build
Land price when rents will rise
Macro as a field
Making jobs by changing factor proportions
Measure "C" and land values in Riverside
Money, Credit, and Periodic Crises
"Newark" model of the marginal rate of return to capital
Observed Behavior vs a priori dogmatism in land markets
Peace dividends followed by boom and bust in the U.S.A.
Peace dividends leading to land booms in world history
Performance standards contrasted
Positive feedback in Macroeconomics
Possessory vs Resale value of land, discounted
Privatization without Giveaway: Embracing Capitalism without Kleptocracy
Prop. 13 and the decline of California
Property tax reform in the big picture
Pseudo-socialism: oil and gas leasing on the OCS
Quantum leaps over spatial margins
Raising output by removing tax bias
Rent, interest, and tax rates
Rent, taxation, dissipation and federalism
Replacing the California sales tax with a property tax: regional impacts
Rise of site value and rate of return on investing in real capital
Russian land rent in a tax-free economy: its adequacy
Sales tax leakages: why it yields so much less than the income tax
Sales tax revenues per dollar of assessed property values, California Counties
Sales tax suicides through history
Scale of firm: economies, false economies, and diseconomies
Scarcity of money as a Macro choke
Sleepy Cape Town and Enterprising Jo-burg: a contrast
Soft capital makes more jobs than hard capital
Solving a liquidity crisis
Sources of investable funds
Substitution, a 3-factor process
Taxes and capital formation
The blessing of ample federal revenues in Russia
The OECD vs. "Harmful" Tax Competition: the GIFT seminar
The Physiocratic concept of ATCOR (All Taxes Come Out of Rent)
The Quantum Leap Effect of abating non-land taxes
The Regeneration of New York City, 1921-31
The taxable capacity of land: why should we care?
The taxable surplus in Russian lands
The temporal excess burden of non-land taxes
The value of land, seminar for Economics Department
Token timber taxation: the case of Mendocino County
Unearned income, a barrier to free enterprise
Velocity of money as a Macro choke
Water as a yield-cutting substitute
What do we own?
When California had a magnetic tax system
Who owns southern California?

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