About Mason Gaffney

Mason Gaffney first read Henry George when a high school junior. After he served in the S.W. Pacific during W.W. II, this interest led him back to get a Ph.D. in Economics at Berkeley, where he tried to meet his teachers’ skepticism and apathy with a dissertation, “Land Speculation as an Obstacle to Ideal Allocation of Land.” Since then he has published many books and articles on land use, economics, taxation, and public policy. He has been a Professor of Economics at several Universities; a journalist with TIME, Inc.; a researcher with Resources for the Future, Inc.; the head of the British Columbia Institute for Economic Policy Analysis, which he founded; an economic consultant to several businesses and government agencies; and a frequent speaker on economic topics, domestic and foreign, and in political campaigns. He has been Professor of Economics at U.C. Riverside since 1976.

Dr. Gaffney has six children and one grandchild. He and his wife, Letitia Atwood, live in Riverside, CA, in the middle of an avocado grove.