How to Revitalize a Failing City

GEORGIST POLICY HAS been shown as a means to revive dying cities, and in the process to reconcile equity and efficiency, to reconcile supply side economics with taxation, and to reconcile capital formation with taxation of the rich. It can be seen as a means of harmonizing collectivism and individualism, in the most constructive possible ways. I know of no other program whose proponents even make such claims, let alone substantiate them. As you issue forth with cap and gown into a world that has already priced you out of the real estate market, you will find George’s program worth your intense study and strong support.
in Cobb, Clifford, and Joseph Giacalone (eds.), 2001, The Path to Justice. Malden, MA and Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, pp 57-84. (Originally “The Role of Ground Rent in Urban Decay and Revival.” Distinguished Papers No 89-F-1, November 1989, Business Research Institute, St. John’s University).

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