Oil and Gas Leasing Policy: Alternatives for Alaska in 1977

The purpose of this report is to be of service to the Alaska State Legislature and the Department of Natural Resources in their review of oil and gas leasing policy. It is written from the State’s viewpoint. It treats the State’s interests as being frequently adverse to those of the State’s lessees, without being hostile to them. Where the State’s interest is adverse to the federal interest, we take the State’s position. Otherwise, the purpose is to be as objective as possible. The Report lists the pros and cons of alternative policies and indicates what the Legislature needs to do to make each policy work. Recommendations are made in a tentative way.

A Report to The State of Alaska, Jay S. Hammond, Governor; Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Guy Martin, Commissioner; and Alaska State Legislature, Interim Committee on Oil and Gas Taxation and Leasing Policy. Juneau: The Committee, 1977. Pp. i-v, 1-115.

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